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Nikola Bedingfield’s ‘Running on Believing’ Nominated For Hollywood Music In Media Award

The song ‘Running on Believing’, written by Nikola Bedingfield and German composer/producer Kim Planert, has just been nominated for Best Message Song & Social Impact at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards! The song was originally written for the documentary Skid Row Marathon and won the Best Folk / Singer-Songwriter Song award at The Akademia Awards, as well as being nominated for the Best Song category at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards. As well as co-writing ‘Running on Believing’, the song also features vocals from Nikola.


Printz Board & The Boardmemberz release ‘On the Boardwalk’ album

Grammy Award-winning musician, recording artist, producer, and songwriter Printz Board has just released his new album with The Boardmemberz, ‘On the Boardwalk‘. The album features a song called ‘F**kin’ A‘, which was co-written by Nikola Rachelle,

Buy ‘On the Boardwalk‘ by Printz Board & The Boardmemberz here